The Political Power and Influence of Drugs

As responsible employers of politicians, sports professionals, artists, and entertainers, we are responsible for their drug related behavior. The payment for their services carries the same requirement as those we impose on ourselves. These principles are explored, explained and a solution is recommended.

In my opinion as a Pharmacist, who has practiced in seven states and the military. Having reported, over 20 drug diversion attempts by forged prescriptions, this is my belief. Help me change it.


The Political Power and Influence of Drugs

Politicians, sports professionals, and entertainers, through their words, their actions, guide, control, and direct lives, must have standards, testing, and transparency. They voluntarily sell part of themselves, their ideas, thoughts, time, services and they should suffer the indignity of transparency like any other employee.

Hank Williams, Sr., John F Kennedy, Prince, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Winehouse, Tom Petty, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, and Arron Hernandez, River Phoenix… These idols give life to aspirations and hope to the people they serve. They are the awe makers who, shape the moments of our lives, give inspiration and hopes to aspire to. We follow and imitate the minutia of their lives, opinions, ideas, favorite foods, places, colors, and hairstyle. In times of our depression, their images give refuge from the realities that plague our lives.

Propofol, fentanyl, cannabis, alprazolam, heroin, and alcohol take from our lives, culture, and future. Losing a singer, an actor, a senator or a friend is a high price to pay for our elevation of them to esteemed heights.

Do these chemicals enhance performances, creativity, abilities, and lives? With these drugs, would we, be that great? Our focus is on how to prevent their loss without stealing freedom from these idols?

Sports may suspend or fine for bad behavior. When the idolized ‘awe’ makers, is an actor, politician, sports professional or a musician, their entourage surrounds, promotes and protects them. They suffer no drug test until they visit the medical examiner’s autopsy table.

How many sycophants are abused and affected by these influencers’ actions? A drug-impaired sports professional, artist, or politician working on our behalf, giving our youth guidance, passing laws, conducting negotiations, managing conflicts, creating music or art affects our lives. Would random drug test prevent their poor judgment?

We test the source of food services and the food we put in our bodies. The time is now to clean illegal drugs and chemicals from the thought influencers and idea-makers that are allowed into our children’s and our lives and minds. Not being aware of an actor, a quarterback, a tavern singer or an officer of the government who is lost or impaired by drug enhancement bends the fabric of lives, thoughts, and our cultures.

This is the time for guidelines, guardrails, and testing transparency, to protect our lives and children from influencers.