Political elections are at the foundation, of our political selection process.

Participation in those elections as a candidate, a proponent of an idea or agenda is voluntary.

When running a political campaign the candidates, proponents, or agenda drivers, are working for their profit, either through a win, for their proposals, or an incremental gain in the political, or public/media recognition, as they or their propositions climb the political ladder, for their next conquest.

These campaign agenda drivers, did not build the system or it’s supporting structures. Their use of the election system and they…

The navigator was the only one left in the ship. He had been waiting for the crew members return. After 3 sleep cycles, no communications from the crew. He dressed to go out and explore the area and find them. He placed the chest cam straps over his shoulders, facing forward in the direction he would be walking.

“I am Larson first navigator aboard our ship”. “As the last crew member from our ship,” “I am leaving to begin an in person search for the crew members and documentation of the area.”

The cam showed an apartment building with a…

Good Evening My Friend!

Beau The Cephus has conjured up a bundle of old reflections, studies, and remaining vapors of former ideas about conflict in life, that he wishes to offer for your deliberation. I, Langston, have been selected and called forward to relate this release of concerns by Beau The Cephus for his community.

Beau and his nemesis, friend, and play toy, Daisy the Jack Russell Terrier will often participate in a form of war/combat/play. Beau will often initiate the play when he finds a door opening that has a high clearance from the floor. …

Beau The Cephus has a comment about bathing in the sunshine and I, Langston am here to translate and explain his feelings, his passions, his desires, his thoughts, and yes his ideas as they relate to the desired use of the sun, sunlight, and best of all the heat from the sun.

Beau has spent many cool mornings laying on the dry leather behind the windscreen of his land yacht. Just to lay there with the heat of the light coming in through the large glass so warms his kitty soul. He says there is some earthy organic desire that…

Beau has new revelations about his trip to the land of his friends the Key Deer. I, Langston am here to offer for your consideration those thoughts and ideas.

When Beau The Cephus visits The No Name Key Pub he always enjoys himself. He will ask for the 8-inch Pub Pizza for one. Gourmet Key Shrimp Pizza with many small Spicy Conch Fritters are enjoyed while sitting with his friends and eating late in the evening. A truly charmed cat.

After dinner he will go down Watson Avenue with a big right on to Key Deer Blvd. past Higgs Rd…

Beau Awaiting Stream From The Faucet

Beau The Cephus has a comment about bathroom etiquette and I, Langston am here to translate and explain his thoughts and ideas.
Beau has always enjoyed good water. Slurping water being his favorite, but he still has an affection for water from the bathroom. Shower stall floor water is one that he holds in high esteem. That being the water left on the floor of the shower stall after a clean adult human has enjoyed a long hot steamy shower. Once the occupant has left the shower and the room, ah the water that is on the floor inside the shower…


Preparations and The Beautiful Belladonna

Good Evening My Friend!

Beau The Cephus has conjured up old vapors, recollections, remembrances, thoughts, and ruminations of former ideas that he wishes to offer for your consideration. I, Langston, have been selected and called forward to relate this release of concerns for the carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores of humanity.

Beau was collecting his climbing team for his engagement with the 14,259 ft. Longs Peak last August. He spent a long time collecting and evaluating different team members for their varied talents. He needed a strong resilient crew. He was…

Beau The Cephus wants his ventures from Bone Key to No Name Key offered for your consideration. I Langston, here offer Beau’s thoughts on this, his risky adventures.

Beau Gives His Thoughts

Beau travels up from the corner of Telegraph Lane and Green Street on Bone Key, 31 miles, north to the No Name Pub for lunch after a party night of walking on the wild side of Duval street. He would often hang out at the Kino Sandal Factory and just lay on the stones under the Palm trees waiting for early morning. He prefers to ride in the…

Nancy and Evelyn

Just Living.

As she drove to work the car was hit hard on the right passenger side door. Her head had struck and cracked the driver’s door window. When she looked up out of the front window she had a headache and blurred vision. She had insisted that she was OK and would prefer to go on to work. The driver of the other car was just a kid. She felt sorry for him. What a rude awaking for him when he realized he had hit another car on his second day of driving. When she arrived…


Bob had bought the paperback at an Anastasia Island spring book fair. He left it on his desk near the computer keyboard, where it would lay, yellowing and wasting for months.

Working alone at home was as TV advertisements had claimed. The job paid well, hours were long and started at any time day or night, when he was needed and end sometime in the distant or near future.

He had finished his third cup of coffee and chocolate cremes. Trudging through a group problem-solving session using three computer screens. A computer voice read chat…

Rodney Biggs

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